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The guiding belief: Shift the focus to their people, celebrate a commitment to safety, focus on shared experiences, and create a stronger community by telling a better story. 


Project Management

Newsletter Rename

Masthead Design

Interview Article Submitters

Collaborate with Contributors

Content Crafting + Editing Stories

Design + Layout

Production Design


Having undergone a brand evolution, with updates to its corporate name, logo, and website design, the company needed to elevate its marketing materials and presentations. A new name, content curating, and a full redesign were undertaken, to better connect with their audience.


Focus had turned to OCL'S internal newsletter, originally titled “The Burning Rod.” A key part of their communication strategy, was delivered to everyone in their organization, from field workers to executives and key client partners.


The newsletter needed to be updated to tell OCL’s story effectively. They aimed to unite a diverse group of employees across Canada, so they could all feel like one extended community. The visual and written content needed to be more compelling to engage the audience. It under-delivered in that the stories weren’t successfully flushed out, the layout was busy, lacked hierarchy, and didn’t feel like a professional execution of their brand.


The redesigned newsletter effectively contributed to OCL’s business goals, better-communicated core values, and delivered more consistency from issue to issue. The result delivered an overall clarity about who is OCL Group Inc., and why they do what they do. Focus successfully shifted to its people, and created a more welcoming communications tool.

The Burning Rod MARCH 2020 (1)
The Burning Rod MARCH 2020 (1)

(Top) A typical Microsoft Word layout.


Sample pages of the renamed, redesigned, rewritten newsletter. Focus shifted from fact-based articles, to people telling stories about their positive impacts on the company's growth.

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OCL Perspective Spread 2.jpg
OCL Perspective Spread.jpg
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