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Services + Expertise​

My guiding belief: I am in the imagination business. I imagine the future for the organizations I work with, and provoke real action on their behalf. I interpret and create culture. It's a mix of empathy and understanding, supported by research, data and analytics. The outcome? Stories with purpose, that deliver meaningful experiences.


The ways stories are told have evolved over the years. The foundation has remained the same: the best stories have a purpose and authentic emotional resonance.



Every hero has an origin story - what's yours?
What makes you different from other companies with similar offers? It's time to talk about your business' superpowers, by discovering your brand values, personality, and unique story. Clarify what you believe in, what you deliver, and how the world should perceive you.



Build your brand's legacy.
You know who you are, and WHY you do what you do, now you need a guide to bring your story to life. How will you encourage customer loyalty and employee longevity? This process involves more than the owners and the C-Suite. It involves talking to stakeholders at every level, so your voice can be authentic and true. Create a story that reflects your culture, your values, your decided differentiation, and your experience. 

Brand Design.png


Design is your story, made visual.
Your graphic communications need to be unique, integrated, memorable, and simple. These steps are never easy, but are eminently worthwhile. With an eye on customer engagement, I work with you to design a logo, marketing materials, a website, memorable customer experiences, social media art and messaging, photography, and more.

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You need a plan that promotes action.

If Brand Engagement is WHY you exist, Marketing is HOW you get people talking about YOU. Uncover specific tactics, delivered at the right time, through the right media, with custom-crafted experiences and messages, to generate the right response. We'll work together, to give people a reason to support you, build loyalty and engagement, share your story, and buy from you, over the competition.



Maybe you can write, but can you tell a great story?
Is your internal newsletter dry? Emails not getting opened? Social media not getting likes and comments? Do you have a lot to say, but don't know how to say it? I can help craft your message into a singular, confident, unique brand voice, that drives engagement. Content isn't created in a void; it is crafted by reading the insights from data and analytics, mixed with a human understanding of your work, thoughts, and experiences. Make authentic emotional connections with customers, and inspire them to create new, memorable stories right along with you.


Pitch Decks.png

Nail the audition, get the callback.
If business is theatre, then the pitch is the audition. How can you stand out from everyone else coming into the room? When introducing yourself to a new client, or a new market, targeted proposals need to get you in the door. Your pitch deck will help keep you in the room where it happens. Go beyond boring PowerPoint slides with confident reflections of your company's values. Craft your business narrative, coupled with compelling design assets, that will make you look as fresh and professional as the outfit you chose for the big pitch day.



It takes an ensemble to have a great show.
Successful brands are built from the inside out. Every day, your employees perform, turning transactions into memorial experiences. It pays to invest in them. The people who work for you are your biggest ambassadors, who can boost awareness as much as any marketing campaign. They are the ones who authentically embody your brand. Whether through a focused brand development workshop, planning a unique event online or in-person, having an engaging MC to host your on- or off-site workshop, development of improv-based training, or murder mystery teambuilders, With over 20 years of experience getting everyone working together, I can help your ensemble become high-level performers, set to build your WOW culture.

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Discover what it takes to inspire.
What makes your product or service stand out from the competition? Truly engaging experiential marketing. With 20+ years of experience as a special event planner, improv performer, and event host, and 8+ years as an adult-learners instructor at two Calgary Universities, one of my superpowers is being able to read a room, talk to anyone, involve even the most skeptical spectator, and entice engagement. Whether you need support in developing a share-worthy experience for your customers, developing and delivering an online or in-person presentation, or a host to ensure your next event is entertaining and memorable, I can help you craft memorable experiences.

Case Studies

Get to know Jennifer.

Whether in person or online, I believe in fostering emotional connections by providing remarkable, purpose-driven brand experiences and interactions. I create work that blends Strategic Branding and Design Implementation expertise with my Teaching, Facilitating, Acting, and Directing experience. With over 20 years of experience in these disciplines, I have repeatedly found an uncanny crossover between design and theatre.

I have extensive experience in creating origin stories, directing brand legacies, and curating company voice. I create interactive campaigns, promotions, digital executions, B2B and B2C experiential marketing. I excel at working independently, and as a team lead. I thrive on discovering how to help brands grow and succeed. And on having a lot of fun along the way.

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